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Robert Poat

Originally born in the Netherlands and moved to the US as a  child, Robert got into aviation as a young man and still works as an aircraft mechanic at one of the legacy carries today.

"I started painting about 20 years ago or more - I took to it pretty quickly and through books on technique and few paid lessons actually sold a few pieces In the first few years. Mostly through word of mouth or friends but I did start to get some following - I got pretty disappointed in the gallery scene though, It seemed like a catch 22 and a lot of hoop jumping at every turn - from Carmel to Laguna to Scottsdale - the whole mess made me question my efforts!

So here we are 2021 and a renewed zeal as I'm getting more into photography and a bit of modern art sculpture I'm acquainting myself with the creation and selling of my work in the NFT market place."

This website will be about showing a portfolio and having a space to supply information on each created Token along with a downloadable high resolution Image , Information on any physical art associated with the NFT and copyright transfer.

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